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We are excited to introduce the third Global Conference taking place in August 2021.

Travelling & Transportation

Will I need a visa to visit the Netherlands?
Please read more here; if you do need a visa, you can request an invitation letter for your application. Please contact the Global Conference Registration Team; with your request before 1 April 2018.

Participation and Costs

Can I bring my children?
Children are very welcome! We have some limited family accommodation available and the hotel also has a playroom. Note that a cot (baby bed) for an infant can be added to any room. We will be producing an information sheet for parents shortly, which will be available to download.
I am not sure if I am covered by cost-sharing or if my NA is paying for me?
If you think you should be covered by cost-sharing or your NA will be paying for you, please check with your NA.


Do I have to choose my sessions as soon as I register?
You can go back at any time and add or change your session choices. Remember, that in all cases it will be first come – first served!
If a session is full, is it likely I will get in if I put my name on the waitlist?
Yes. We encourage you to register for the sessions you prefer. We are using this information to gauge interest and will be reviewing the opportunity to increase capacity or schedule popular sessions additional times.
Do I need to select my sessions now? What if I change my mind later?
No, you can select them at any time, but selecting them early gives us the opportunity to make minor changes to the agenda leading up to the conference to ensure participants get the most value out of the event. You can make changes at any time, so you are not committed to your original choices.
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