Evolution is the continuous process of growth, progression, and development.   

In 2021, CISV will mark its 70th anniversary. Building on 70 years of inspiration and strength, Global Conference 2021 will focus on the continued evolution of CISV into its future. The conference will invite collaboration, innovation, and new ways of thinking. Delegates will return to their Chapters, NAs, or International positions inspired and empowered with new ideas and new connections that can be put into practical use the following day, helping CISV as a whole – and each individual within it – reach our full potential.


Why should you be a presenter at the CISV 2021 Global Conference? 

CISV Global Conference is a great opportunity for CISV Members to share their diverse experiences and perspectives for the improvement of CISV. It also provides the possibility to renew their motivation and engagement for the organisation we all cherish. We are looking for session ideas that reflect the dynamic nature of CISV, inspire new ways of problem solving, and use creative methods. 

We hope to work with presenters who will inspire, challenge and equip our delegates in making our CISV community better at achieving our educational mission. Therefore, we encourage active CISV volunteers at all levels to consider applying to be a presenter. This includes active members of Junior Branch and young people below 25 years-old. 

Presenters will benefit from: 

  • Engaged and motivated attendees;
  • An international audience;
  • An opportunity to present content, ideas, methods and tools that will contribute to CISV and attendees’ learning;
  • A forum to share and learn from the different backgrounds, experiences and profiles;
  • A review committee to support content review and session delivery.

Please note that all sessions must be delivered in English.



1. Building on change

We are constantly changing, improving, and growing. This sub-theme aims at reviewing and questioning our current ways and work to improve our practices and learn from our experiences. We are looking for sessions that cover topics such as: 
  1. How can CISV prepare the organisation to learn from past experiences and collaborate to apply innovative solutions in recurrent problems (e.g. youth development, lack of leaders or staff, lack of participants, lack of training…)? 
  2. Young people adapt to change quickly and in creative ways. How can we engage youth in CISV as partners to improve the relevance and impact of our educational programmes in the 21st century?
  3. How can CISV deal and incorporate in its learning experiences, the challenges and benefits of an ever-growing technology era?
  4. How can CISV adapt its organizational strategy and daily operations (Chapter and Member Association level) for more flexible educational experience delivery and wider participant reach?
  5. How can CISV ensure a balanced, positive and learning environment for its volunteers?


2. Creating for Tomorrow 

Time can lead to the same habits and comfort zones. With the current global environment, CISV needs to foster change for tomorrow and adapt to the needs of its participants. We are looking for sessions that cover topics such as:
  1. How can we include and tailor our educational initiatives into providing our participants with 21st century skills (such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity)? 
  2. As an organisation known and celebrated for youth development, what priorities should we focus on to foster a more safe and inclusive community for young people to grow and learn from one another?
  3. How can CISV adapt its educational model to foster change and adapt new ways of working?
  4. How can CISV increase its volunteers’ capabilities and skills enhance their involvement and learning experience?
  5. How can CISV’s impact become tangible and recognized at all levels?


3. Developing sustainability

Sustainability requires awareness, commitment, and perseverance. As a generator of Active Global Citizens, CISV empowers its volunteers and participants in doing sustainable actions. We are looking for sessions that cover topics such as:
  1. How can our programmes and learning experiences align with the current environmental, social, economic sustainability quest? 
  2. What initiatives can we put forward to raise awareness on sustainability for our future participants to apply in their daily lives? 
  3. How might we increase our impact at the local level and at our personal level? 
  4. How can we listen to and empower youth to meaningfully engage with topics such as LGBTQI+, Gender Equality, Inequalities, Responsible consumption in our chapters and Member Associations?
  5. How can CISV prepare for potential threats and risks (e.g. reduced number of programmes, reduced number of participants, fewer Chapters or Member Associations, or external threats), and choose relevant strategies?


4. Fostering collaborations to promote impact

To support its growth and promote its impact, CISV needs to identify and collaborate with other LMOs and stakeholders. We are looking for sessions that cover topics such as:
  1. How can we work with other organizations, actors to learn from and improve our practices? 
  2. What structures, policies and projects should be put in place so youth can effectively engage and contribute to the mission of a more just and peaceful world through CISV?  
  3. How can we clearly communicate CISV’s educational initiatives to a wider and external audience by basing our work on tangible outcomes?  
  4. How can we adapt our opportunities to have them more accessible to all? 
  5. How can we identify and reach out to other stakeholders (other than LMOs) to tackle common challenges and issues?

5. Enhancing quality in our learning experiences

Our learning experiences are the foundation of our work and our impact. Enhancing quality in our learning experiences is one of our main priorities – but how can we incorporate these needs into every initiative? We are looking for sessions that cover topics such as:
  1. What type of processes can CISV use to enhance quality in our learning experiences?
  2. What everyday tools can we include in our learning experiences, to prepare and complement our participants’ attitudes, skills, and knowledge, for the world we live in?
  3. How can we assess the quality of our learning experiences regardless of the context and environment of its delivery?How can CISV maintain its quality with a substantial increase of activities, learning experiences, and participants at all levels?
  4. How can we foster a community where people of different ages and cultures work together to develop high quality, inclusive, impactful and creative learning experiences?


Presentation type(s)

Sessions can be either 75 or 105 minutes in length, either theatre or cabaret set-up. We encourage sessions to be dynamic and interactive as well as include small group discussions or active attendee involvement. If needed, accommodations for shorter or longer sessions can be made available. 

We are mostly looking for innovative learning and sharing approaches to ensure our attendees benefit from a positive learning environment.


Presenter at Global Conference

Attitudes, Skills, and Knowledge


  • Commitment to CISV’s mission and values;
  • Willingness to have all CISV Members’ interests at the heart of their sessions;
  • Willingness to contribute and support Global Conference 2021;



  • Ability to work autonomously and respect deadlines;
  • Ability to be innovative and creative in designing and delivering their sessions;
  • Commitment to continuous improvement and working with feedback;
  • Clear communicator with excellent listening and facilitation skills;



  • Knowledge of CISV and our educational principles;
  • Understanding of the focus of youth development, community-building and educational impact that young people bring to CISV;
  • Understanding of Global Conference’s purpose and objectives;
  • Understanding of Global Conference’s target audience and expectations.


Key responsibilities and expectations

Presenters’ Terms and Conditions can be found at the end of this document.


If selected, presenters are expected to:

  • Deliver outline of their sessions, presentations, handouts and other materials before the conference;
  • Commit to deadlines in delivering outlines, presentations and other support materials;
  • Commit to communicate with the Content Team when necessary;
  • Participate in a planning session conference call in March-April 2021;
  • Improve their sessions based on the feedback offered by the Content Team;
  • Support the Content Team in the review and feedback of sessions;
  • Contribute to Global Conference’s overall delivery (to be defined and for at least one entire day);
  • Engage with participants and participate in sessions during Global Conference;
  • Take minutes of two sessions (a template and further instructions will be made available to presenters). Please note that the number is to be defined according to the number of existing sessions.


Note: If at any point, the presenter does not meet one of the requirements, the Global Conference Working Group will be given the right to revoke the presenter’s spot.



If you are selected as a presenter for the 2021 CISV Global Conference, CISV International will cover: 

  • Travel to the venue: Plane and/or train ticket in economy class from the city you currently live in, are covered. CISV official travel agent will make the arrangements.
  • Registration for Global Conference:  Registration fee (5 nights’ double room accommodation), meals, and access to all our sessions. Presenters are encouraged to attend sessions and network with our attendees throughout the event.  Further support is to be provided during the conference. 

Note: expenses are covered for one presenter per session. If you require a second presenter, they will need to cover their own costs.

Submitting your session proposal

Submit your session proposal using this online form. You can save and return to your form before you submit it.  Before submitting your session, please read this document fully.

If you have any questions, please contact the Content Team at:

Deadline for submissions is 1 September 2020 at midnight UK time.


Selection Process

To ensure we select the best possible sessions that will bring the most value to our members, our selection panel will use the following process: 

  • There will then be a two-phase process, involving both independent and group rankings of proposals; 
  • Our primary objective will be to select a broad range of high calibre sessions that will support the objectives for this event, ensuring diversity in presentation style, different perspectives, creativity and innovation. Cost will also be a factor in the decision-making process. 
  • Successful applicants will be notified early October 2020, at which time they will be asked for a firm commitment to the Global Conference dates. 

We encourage active volunteers at the local, national, international level to submit a session idea. This includes young people below 25 years old and active members of the Junior Branch community. We hope to make space for inclusive and diverse learning, to provide an enriching experience for everyone.


Session criteria 

Thoroughness of proposal Is the proposal thoroughly completed?
Professionalism/Speaker Qualifications Based on their biographical information, links, references or personal knowledge, would this person be a good presenter for Global Conference? 
Originality of session Is this session appropriate and useful for Global Conference? 
Universality of session Is this session applicable to all chapters/regions?  
Relevance for new chapter representatives Will this proposal be useful to new chapter representatives in executing their positions? 
Relevance for experienced chapter representatives Will this proposal be useful to experienced chapter representatives in executing their positions? 
Relevance for Junior Branch Will this proposal be useful to Junior Branch in achieving their goals and developing their attitudes, skills and knowledge? 
Relevance for alumni Will this proposal be interesting to alumni and add to their attitudes, skills and knowledge? 
Relates to “Evolve into Tomorrow” theme Does this activity prepare the participants for the international growth plan and leave individuals with the attitudes, skills, and knowledge to work towards a new era of growth in CISV? 
Supports one of the conference tracks Does this activity relate to one of the five conference tracks? 
Furthers CISV’s mission Does this activity seek to “educate and inspire for a more just and peaceful world?” 

Contact the Global Conference Content Team if you have any questions regarding your session proposal or the terms and conditions outlined in this document.


Presenters’ timeline


Timeline Task


June 1st – September 1st Call for Sessions
September 1st – October 1st  Sessions review by Content Team and review committee.
October 15th  Feedback and proposals outcome.
November  Register for the Conference.  Travel will not be booked until registration is complete.
December 15th  Final date for registration of funded presenters. Anyone not registered by this date will be considered to have forfeited their spot.


January  Contributions’ corner will be made available for registered attendees.
January Information on CISV Branding guidelines / .ppt template to all presenters.
January Initial information regarding volunteer requirements will be shared with funded presenters.
February 15th  Deadline to submit Full Content Outline.
February 15th  – April 15th  Content review and feedback to presenters.
March 31st  Deadline for providing technical requirements and materials.
April  Session Planning Call.
May  Presenters will be provided with session attendance registration numbers, room allocations and set up.
June  A Presenters volunteer schedule will be provided.
June 4th  Deadline for providing complete copy of draft slides and/or presentation plan.
July 4th  Presenters will be provided with edits to slides, etc.
July 4th – 31th  Presenters provide their FINAL electronic copies of handouts, session notes, etc to upload for participants to print out in advance unless they are bringing hard copies with them.  
August 3rd   Presenter meeting onsite.
August 3-8th  Available for 10 min meeting

Volunteer duties as scheduled


* Please note that this timeline might change. Presenters will be informed of any changes and regularly updated and reminding of necessary requirements.

Presenters Terms and Conditions

  • Presenters agree on having to present up to three times the selected session during Global Conference; 
  • Presenters agree to being photographed and filmed at the Global Conference, and/or having their content repurposed by CISV for content sharing and/or promotional purposes. 
  • Presenters agree to provide CISV with an outline of their session content a full six months before the event;
  • Presenters agree to provide CISV with a complete copy of draft slides two full months before the event. (A summary outline of the session is required when submitting a proposal);
  • Presenters agree to provide copies of all handouts, sessions notes, etc electronically for participants to download and print in advance or to bring copies for distribution with them, as far as possible, with them as there will be limited printing available on site;
  • Presenters agree to participate in a session planning conference call in March/April 2021;
  • Presenters will be given a CISV PowerPoint slide template to use for their presentation;
  • Presenters agree to abide by slide edit recommendations made by CISV to ensure professional appearance of all slides presented at the event;
  • Presenters agree to arrive on site of the afternoon of 3 August 2021 for a presenters’ meeting;
  • Presenters commit to actively promote CISV via social media in advance of the event;
  • Presenters may be filmed by CISV (clips may be used in future event materials and/or promotions. Sessions may also be streamed live);
  • Presenters should be available for 10-minute video interview (for potential usage in future CISV video content materials and event wrap-up video); 
  • Presenters give CISV permission to promote their participation at the CISV Global Conference via online, print, social channels as well as press releases about the event;
  • Presenters must be a minimum of 16 years of age;
  • CISV presenters fully funded to attend this event for a single session will be asked to fulfill an additional volunteer role comprising a minimum of 8 hours in total to assist in making the event a success. This commitment could include, but is not limited to, one of the following: Reflection Group Leader, Event Registration and/or Session Attendant or other duties as assigned; 
  • External presenters may be requested to participate in other sessions, i.e. panel discussions) and are expected to network with participants, if funded for the entire conference.


Download Call for Sessions

Download Concept Note

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