Junior Branch Participation

Global Conference 2021 aims to empower our diverse network of volunteers across ages and cultures. We hope to achieve this by creating a collaborative space for CISVers to learn from one another and work together on a vision for CISV moving forward. Currently working with the International Junior Branch teams, we hope to bring meaningful collaboration, innovation, and new ways of thinking to this event.


Why should you be a presenter at the CISV 2021 Global Conference?

CISV Global Conference is a great opportunity for CISV Members to renew their motivation and engagement for the organisation we all cherish. We are looking for presenters who will inspire, challenge, and stimulate our attendees. We aim at providing sessions that reflect the ever-evolving nature of CISV and foster thought-provoking ideas and methods.

Presenters will benefit from: 

  • Engaged and motivated attendees;
  • An international audience;
  • An opportunity to present content, ideas, methods and tools that will contribute to CISV and attendees’ learning;
  • A forum to share and learn from different backgrounds, experiences, and profiles;
  • A review committee to support the content review and session delivery.


Who should go?

Global Conference aims at being the driving-force of our organization, taking place once every three years. We expect delegates to come from our 60+ Member Associations, resulting in a 500+ delegates’ conference.

Delegates will include, Chapter and Member Association members, Chapter representatives, Staff, former participants, new participants, National (Junior) Representatives, Regional Coordinators, Governing Board, Regional Delivery Teams, Regional Junior Branch Teams, International Junior Representatives, International Junior Branch Teams, Committees and all of those who work towards a more just and peaceful world.


See the Global Conference Concept Note


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