International Junior Representative – Questions and Answers

This year’s Global Conference happened at the same time as the International Junior Branch Conference. Therefore, the election for the coming two year’s International Junior Representative (IJR) also happened during the event. As preparation for the election of the next IJR, candidate Natacha Clarita from CISV Indonesia, participated in a Questions and Answers (Q&A) session to let us know more about her motivation for being elected.

Passionate about youth activism

One of Natasha’s main points in the Q&A was that she wishes to use her time as IJR on volunteer management as this is a topic she is very passionate about. She wants to develop the knowledge of what it means to be a CISVer and help make clear plans for the future of both CISV and Junior Branch (JB). If she were to produce an edition of IJB she thinks she focus on youth activism, gathering information about how youth activism started and getting personal stories from people involved in youth activism.

Expertise within both CISV and JB

Natasha has been National Junior Representative (NJR) in Indonesia, as well as a part of the Asia Pacific JB team. As of now she is working within Chapter Development. By having experience with both the younger generation of CISVers as well as the more seasoned CISVers, Natasha hopes to bridge the gap between JB and CISV, as she is aware of the diverse group she has to represent if she becomes IJR.

Big ideas for the future

By having vast experience within CISV and JB, Natasha has big ideas for the future of the collaboration between IJB and CISV. She believes that change starts with us, the people involved in the organization, and not just the forms and policies we follow. She encourages us to be interested in the people around us and what they have to offer.

The take-home-message from the IJR Q&A session with Natasha Clarita was that we need to understand that CISV is OUR organization, and therefore it is up to us to change if there is something we are not happy about. Best of luck with the election!

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