Evolution is the continuous process of growth, progression, and development.   

In 2021, CISV will mark its 70th anniversary. Building on 70 years of inspiration and strength, Global Conference 2021 will focus on the continued evolution of CISV into its future. The conference will invite collaboration, innovation, and new ways of thinking. Delegates will return to their Chapters, NAs, or International positions inspired and empowered with new ideas and new connections that can be put into practical use the following day, helping CISV as a whole – and each individual within it – reach their full potential.



1. Building on change

We are constantly changing, improving and growing. This sub-theme aims at reviewing and questioning our current ways and work to improve our practices and learn from our experiences. We are looking for sessions that cover topics such as: 

  1. How can CISV prepare the organisation to learn from past experiences and collaborate to apply innovative solutions in recurrent problems (e.g. youth development, lack of leaders or staff, lack of participants, lack of training…)? 
  2. Young people adapt to change quickly and in creative ways. How can we engage youth in CISV as partners to improve the relevance and impact of our educational programmes in the 21st century?
  3. How can CISV deal and incorporate in its learning experiences, the challenges, and benefits of an ever-growing technology era?
  4. How can CISV adapt its organizational strategy and daily operations (Chapter and Member Association level) for more flexible educational experience delivery and wider participant reach?
  5. How can CISV ensure a balanced, positive, and learning environment for its volunteers? 


2. Creating for Tomorrow 

Time can lead to the same habits and comfort zones. With the current global environment, CISV needs to foster change for tomorrow and adapt to the needs of its participants. We are looking for sessions that cover topics such as:

  1. How can we include and tailor our educational initiatives into providing our participants with 21st century skills (such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity)? 
  2. As an organisation known and celebrated for youth development, what priorities should we focus on to foster a more safe and inclusive community for young people to grow and learn from one another?
  3. How can CISV adapt its educational model to foster change and adapt new ways of working?
  4. How can CISV increase its volunteers’ capabilities and skills enhance their involvement and learning experience?
  5. How can CISV’s impact become tangible and recognized at all levels? 

3. Developing sustainability

Sustainability requires awareness, commitment and perseverance. As a generator of Active Global Citizens, CISV empowers its volunteers and participants in doing sustainable actions. We are looking for sessions that cover topics such as:

  1. How can our programmes and learning experiences align with the current environmental, social, economic sustainability quest? 
  2. What initiatives can we put forward to raise awareness on sustainability for our future participants to apply in their daily lives? 
  3. How might we increase our impact at the local level and at our personal level? 
  4. How can we listen to and empower youth to meaningfully engage with topics such as LGBTQI+, Gender Equality, Inequalities, Responsible consumption in our chapters and Member Associations?
  5. How can CISV prepare for potential threats and risks (e.g. reduced number of programmes, reduced number of participants, less Chapters or Member Associations, or external threats), and choose relevant strategies?

4. Fostering collaborations to promote impact

To support its growth and promote its impact, CISV needs to identify and collaborate with other LMOs and stakeholders. We are looking for sessions that cover topics such as:

  1. How can we work with other organizations, actors to learn from and improve our practices? 
  2. What structures, policies and projects should be put in place so youth can effectively engage and contribute to the mission of a more just and peaceful world through CISV?  
  3. How can we clearly communicate CISV’s educational initiatives to a wider and external audience by basing our work on tangible outcomes?  
  4. How can we adapt our opportunities to have them more accessible to all? 
  5. How can we identify and reach out to other stakeholders (other than LMOs) to tackle common challenges and issues?

5. Enhancing quality in our learning experiences

Our learning experiences are the foundation of our work and our impact. Enhancing quality in our learning experiences is one of our main priorities – but how can we incorporate these needs into every initiative? We are looking for sessions that cover topics such as:

  1. What type of processes can CISV use to enhance quality in our learning experiences?
  2. What everyday tools can we include in our learning experiences, to prepare and complement our participants’ attitudes, skills and knowledge, for the world we live in? 
  3. How can we assess the quality of our learning experiences regardless of the context and environment of its delivery?
  4. How can CISV maintain its quality with a substantial increase of activities, learning experiences and participants at all levels?
  5. How can we foster a community where people of different ages and cultures work together to develop high quality, inclusive, impactful and creative learning experiences?  



Global Conference aims at being the driving-force of our organization, taking place once every three years. We expect delegates to come from our 60+ Member Associations, resulting in a 500+ delegates’ conference.

Delegates will include, Chapter and Member Association members, Chapter representatives, Staff, former participants, new participants, National (Junior) Representatives, Regional Coordinators, Governing Board, Regional Delivery Teams, Regional Junior Branch Teams, International Junior Representatives, International Junior Branch Teams, Committees and all of those who work towards a more just and peaceful world.


The Event

Global Conference 2021 will take place in the Netherlands. With more than 500 delegates, it aims at providing inspiration, knowledge-sharing opportunities and tools to grow CISV International’s impact. The added-value of our organization relies on the diversity of backgrounds and experiences of our volunteers.

These will be highlighted and enhanced during our event, specifically through our sessions, delegation time, members meeting, lessons learned and our contributions’ corner.


Our innovative, creative and non-formal ‘learning by doing’ approach makes for our unique organization a space to grow, evolve and collaborate together. For Global Conference 2021, we are looking for presenters willing to take our intergenerational, intercultural and international educational initiatives one step further. 

We are looking for:

  • Facilitators with diverse backgrounds and experiences; 
  • Different sessions’ format and dynamics; 
  • Addressing key topics in education and the world around us;
  • Adapting relevant content and engaging ways for delegates; 
  • Lessons learned and how to build from what has been done;
  • Engaging with creative minds and content;
  • Out-of-the-box big ideas to overcome common obstacles.

More information on the Call for Sessions and Presenters can be found here

Delegation Time

For those who have participated in an international programme, delegation time is always something to look forward to. As we understand that spending time with people from your own Member Association is a highlight for every attendee, we will be dedicating time during the conference to

Members Meeting

The Global Conference provides the space and time for an in-person meeting of Members Associations (represented by the National Representatives and the International Junior Branch Representatives). Considered an important decision-making moment, it is used to address relevant questions and key decisions in CISV International as well as vote on potential motions submitted by the Members. 

Lessons learned

As an organization, it’s important to keep track of what has been done and to learn how to do it better. Building from the experience in 2015 and 2018, we expect to learn and change our practices to better deliver on our delegates’ expectations. 

Throughout June and July 2020 we will ask our former and future delegates to fill out a lessons learned and expectations questionnaire. Based on your feedback, we will be able to better tailor the conference to both the needs as the expectations of our volunteers. 


Contributions’ corner

In this Global Conference, delegates will be given the opportunity to contribute to this event. Several opportunities were created to ensure that those who would like to engage in this event, can do so!

Please note, that none of these opportunities are funded. It is an opportunity for delegates participating in the GC2021 that might wish to contribute in other ways than sessions.


There are certain topics that are worth being addressed and discussed with a wider audience. The opportunity to design and facilitate a panel will be given to volunteers that have a topic that will resonate with CISVers at Global Conference 2021. Interested individuals will be asked to provide a short description on the panel, main topic or question as well as the learning outcomes for delegates. After the submission, the Content Team will get in touch to discuss the panel further. 

Social activities

Group feeling and group-building are key elements for a conference such as Global Conference 2021. delegates with ideas for a Social Activity (from 25-50+ participants) will have the opportunity to facilitate their activity in the Netherlands. Social activities can be anything that will make participants enjoy each other’s presence even more. 

Reflection Group Leader

Once a day, participants will have the time to go over the highlights of the day and discuss them with other delegates. Delegates with the willingness to lead a group discussion to reflect on the learning of Global Conference will be able to take part of this experience and be a Reflection Group Leader.

Open Space – Communities of interest

Due to its success in 2018, Global Conference 2021 will provide the opportunity for delegates to exchange ideas and thoughts about a given topic of common interest. Each Community of Interest or Open Space will have a one-hour slot, most likely in the evening, and will be facilitated by at least one attendee. After the submission, the Content Team will get in touch to discuss the topic and format further.

Morning sessions

As most volunteers know, a conference such as Global Conference can be an intense and motivating experience. Some delegates prefer to sleep in the morning before sessions and others prefer a more energetic, invigorating, or different start of the day. Morning sessions will be available for delegates who wish to initiate their day differently. 

Delegates interested in facilitating such sessions (from yoga, to traditional dance, meditation practice, or origami-learning) should check the Corners’ Contribution on the website. 

Gallery Walk

Showcasing initiatives, best practices, and what volunteers are most proud of is a key motivator and innovation source. Global Conference is the perfect place for our most engaged volunteers to share and learn from our most inspiring work! A template will be provided for Member Associations and delegates who wish to submit their inspiring initiative. 


Evaluation and Sharing Box


We want to measure the impact of a conference such as the Global Conference, on our volunteers and the organization. Building on the quick surveys for new and former participants, we will be evaluating each of our sessions and the overall conference during our event. 

  • At the end of the session, the presenters will provide delegates with a short 2-minute evaluation of their session;
  • A short evaluation will be provided to all no more than one week after the conference. 
  • To inform our practises and assess the extent and use of the knowledge acquired at Global Conference at the chapter and Member Association level, an impact study will be conducted three to six months after the end of the event. 

We thank you in advance for our collaboration and your support in making Global Conference an unmissable event. 


Sharing Box

We want all our volunteers to bring something back home. In addition to the motivation, knowledge and skills acquired, delegates will have access to all the decisions delivered during the Global Conference. These will include the PPTs, outlines and presenters’ contact.

Download Concept Note

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